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Dear clients,

In order to get your pie(s) you have 3 options:

1. At the moment our meals will be delivered by Deliveroo, Take Away and Uber Eats. This will be within a radius of 3 km around our vending point. If you want to have a hot meal and don’t want to move this is your best option!

2. For cold deliveries or deliveries further then 3 km around our vending point, we are working together with DPD Fresh. From the departure untill the arrival the food is stored cold. Due to considerable high transport costs we charge a bit for the delivery and we also only do deliveries from an order of 50 euro. 

3. You can also come and pick up your pies at our vending point (Dokter Van De Perrelei 7, 2140 Borgerhout). Be aware to do your order on our webshop before pick up! By appointment you can come to get your pies from Wednesday till Saturday.

Orders should be made one day in advance. This will give us the time to prepare your meal and the least chance that something will be sold out.

Have a pleasurous pie time,

Mash & Pie!

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