Menu Mash & Pie

Menu Mash & Pie

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Menu Mash en Pie

We offer you our menu! The main component is of course… the pie! Aren’t you a big fan of pastry? No worries… You can also order the brilliant filling itself.

Pies or filling you can order at the moment:

1. Gamekeeper’s Pie

2. Life of Pie

3. Farmer’s Pie

4. Comfort Pie

5. Ocean Pie

6. Budget Pie: each week we provide a budget pie for a cheaper price. In this pie we put a filling and mashed potatoes!

We try to change from time to time so you don’t get bored with the same taste and we don’t get bored making them!

A pie with a fantastic mashed potatoe and a terrific gravy sauce and some crispy smoked onions will bring you to seventh heaven. For the moment following mashes and sauces we offer:


1. Plain mash

2. Spinach mash

3. Sweet potato mash


1. Porto beef sauce

2. Creamy mustard sauce

3. Bechamel cheese sauce



Menu Mash n Pie 2

Do you fancy something extra?

1. Salad of the season

2. Traditional minty peas with mint 

3. Green beans with bacon

4. Pickled red cabbage

5. Pickles with mustard

Do you fancy something sweet? Try our delicious chocomousse or red berry mousse.

Are you thirsty and you want to drink something different? Order a British soda, ale or lager or a British apple cider and enjoy!

Do you have certain allergenes or are you allergic to something? Let us know and we see what we can do!

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